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The Panama Canal had 9.5% more tonnage in 2018

The balance of the Panama Canal for 2018 is positive. In total, the tonnage mobilized through the isthmus was 9.5% higher, compared to the previous year, when the procedures had already reached 22% more. The data was provided by the administrator of the Panama Canal, Jorge Luis Quijano, who made a balance of the activity […]

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Types of logistics operators

The main types of logistics operators start from a classification organized according to the areas they are responsible for executing. Commonly known as 1PL, 2PL, 3PL and 4PL, “PL” refers to Party Logistics, that is, logistics providers. 1. ‘First Party Logistics’ This is the phase of logistics that has a greater tradition of outsourcing: the […]

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Celebration of native holidays

In the frame of the celebration of holidays native Bless Group I realize last November 16 a typical day where our collaborators produced honor illuminating his dresses typically, also they were entertained by the traditional Panamanian food. Additional there was given to them recognition of the students who with very much conscientiousness reached his professional […]

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Panama as a leader in regional logistics

Panama has managed to position itself, in recent years, in the leading country in regional logistics. Thanks to the privileged geographical location of the isthmus, which has been historically exploited for commercial exchange, it has also allowed the generation of multiple logistics assets that are now considered world class, generating competitive advantages to be a […]

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